Tack Smart Filter Technology BV owns the smart filter patent. The company grants non-exclusive rights and exclusive rights in specific fields of use to its filter communication technology. TackSmart has to date entered into agreements representing an aggregate value of up to $30 million.

Genesis of the idea

“What if we had a way to reliably establish saturation of a filter and could have that information displayed on a screen on the filter unit? Operators would then know if the filter is due for replacement.”

This question came from filter specialist and inventor D.J.M. den Dekker. At the time he was CEO of air cleaner manufacturer Euromate. In 1993 he came up with the idea to implement an electronic label, optionally with a read-write memory, on filters. Together with filter technology expert Cees Knijn he further developed the smart filter concept. The patent was registered later that year under company name Doctro.


The smart filter is state of the art technology that opens up the possibility to transform a normal filter into an intelligent one. Data can be stored on the filter by the manufacturer, and/or updated during filter operation through a ‘read – write memory’. Infinite application possibilities come within reach using the smart filter technology, e.g.

  • Real time registration of process data during the filtration process
  • Registration of job related information
  • Personalization of the filter

TackSmart grants licenses to the filtration, extraction and separation industries for the full term of the smart filter patent. The smart filter patent defines the communication possibilities of a filter and its operational application. The filter communication system is registered in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, United States of America, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


A full patent description can be downloaded as a pdf by clicking on the relevant link below.

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