Unlimited benefits come within reach when using the smart filter technology. In its basic form it allows for important compatibility assurance. Implementing TackSmart’s patented ‘read-write memory’ additionally enables you to store and read out data like filter life cycle, filter identity and particle analysis.

In other words, the filter communication system lets you define and retrieve information that you consider valuable to your business. Using this technology enhances your control over daily processes and helps to create competitive edge.

Just as numerous as its application possibilities are the advantages of the smart filter technology. Potential benefits include:

Control over the filtering process and filter application

  • Only qualified and identified filters can be used in the filter system
  • The operating hours can be extended or limited during the filter process
  • Guaranteed proper use of appropriate filters in specific filtering processes

Facilitate compliance and regulatory control

  • Tracking and tracing of (used) filters
  • Compliance with FDA regulations, i.e. filter validation

Control over warranty issues

  • Detailed information of filter usage may limit warranty claims or,
  • Enable you to increase the warranty period on products and create competitive advantage

Control over process analysis

  • Ability to store and transfer information of the filtering process and test results directly to a PC or other applications
  • Further automation of medical and laboratory applications can be achieved

Facilitate commercial objectives

  • More value is added to existing products, which creates a more competitive market position
  • Sales of replacement filters can be promoted
  • Build long term relationships with OEM customers

Generate marketing information

  • Monitor and register user information
  • Generate detailed information per application to serve product innovation