From establishing the first contact with interested parties up to closing the final agreement, TackSmart considers the information that is exchanged as confidential.


Filter manufacturers or other companies that wish to use the smart filter technology, are invited to contact TackSmart’s CEO Eduard de Haan or intellectual property expert Koos Rasser. See contact for details.

TackSmart uses a number of criteria to assess potential licenses and licensees, including:

  • Application of the patent
  • Total market volume of the market segment
  • The market share of the potential licensee
  • Launching date of the new filter product or – technology
  • Geographic coverage of the manufacturer
  • Competitors
  • Number of filters
  • Size of the aftermarket

Based on this information TackSmart ultimately decides upon the scope of the license.

Patent breach

Applying the smart filter technology requires a valid license agreement. One of our specialists will initiate contact if there is reasonable presumption of patent breach.

TackSmart takes and appreciates a cooperative attitude in this process. Judgment of the scope of the application follows the same criteria as mentioned above. Settlement agreements cover both retrospective and prospective use of the patented smart filter technology.