Koos Rasser

His open and innovative mind allows Koos Rasser to thoroughly assess facts while safeguarding the best interest of all parties concerned. He has an impressive track record as a mediator in legal disputes involving technology issues. These qualities make him a reliable sparring partner for both TackSmart and its licensees.

Koos Rasser grew up in The Netherlands and obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Delft Technical University in 1977. He joined Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) European Technical Center in Brussels, Belgium. After obtaining a JD degree in 1984, Koos soon developed into a much respected specialist in the active defense of P&G’s patent rights. His talent and expertise brought him to several P&G offices worldwide. In his capacity of P&G’s VP and Associate General Counsel for Patents he supervised more than 90 in-house patent attorneys around the globe. In 2000 Koos transferred to US-based law firm Howrey Simon Arnold & White. He started the law firm’s first European office in London in 2001, and moved to Howrey’s Amsterdam office in 2004. As of 2008 he has his solo practice in patent law, specializing in international IP practice.

Koos Rasser leads the licensing process for Tack Smart Filter Technology BV. Together with Eduard de Haan he is your main point of contact.