TackSmart’s team of specialists is dedicated to sharing the infinite application possibilities of its patented smart filter technology. So far, several exclusive and non-exclusive contracts have been finalized.

In 1993 filter specialist and inventor of the filter communication system Mr. D.J.M. den Dekker registered the smart filter patent under his company name Doctro A.V.V.

In 1998 he transferred the licensing rights of the patent to Tack Smart Filter Technology BV.

D.J.M. den Dekker

D.J.M. den Dekker
Filter specialist and inventor smart filter technology

E.M.M. de Haan, Bsc

E.M.M. de Haan

J.C. Rasser, Ph.D.

J.C. Rasser, Ph.D., JD
Intellectual Property and Legal affairs

C.J.M. Knijn, ME

C.J.M. Knijn, Ing / B Eng

H. Deen, LL.M.

H. Deen, LL.M.
Tax lawyer