Tack Smart Filter Technology BV grants licenses to the filtration, extraction and separation industries for the full term of the smart filter patent. In recent years several license agreements have been finalized within a variety of industries all over the world.

Licensing possibilities

TackSmart’s specialists like to work in close cooperation with filter manufacturers to determine applications and fields of use. TackSmart grants exclusive and non-exclusive licenses.

Several license agreements have been finalized to date. A variety of industries now apply the smart filter technology in combination with embedded RFID-tags. This makes it possible for them to, e.g.:

  • Have non-linear access to critical information
  • Rewrite and encrypt stored data
  • Monitor lifetime and efficiency of the filter
  • Ensure that the right filter is used for the right application


Industries that benefit from the smart filter patent offer filtration, extraction and separation products. They provide apparatus that filter or separate water, air, gas and oil for instance, or use fluids to extract particulate solids.

A number of internationally leading manufacturers of filtration equipment have successfully implemented the patented technology. Smart filters are licensed for use in e.g., biopharmacy, food and beverage, laboratories, water filtration, refrigerators and surgical smoke apparatus. Due to confidentiality agreements we do not publish each company name on the TackSmart website.