In 2002 Tack Smart Filter Technology BV granted Millipore Corporation - now Merck Millipore - the exclusive worldwide license for the application of RFID technology in ultrapure labwater systems such as their Milli-Q products. Merck Millipore is a leading provider of products and services that improve productivity and results in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and in clinical, analytical and research laboratories (see www.millipore.com).

Ultrapure water

Ultrapure water in lab environments has a purity of at least 1 mega ohm. This means it is free of contaminants such as bacteria, pyrogens, nucleases, particulates and organics.

Consistency and reliability in pure water quality is crucial in laboratory applications. The smallest deviation may impact test results. Regulatory bodies worldwide have set strict standards for specific lab procedures. Use of water of consistent quality avoids errant test results caused by contamination.

Milli-Q integral water purification system

Merck Millipore’s products for ultraclean lab water are designed to meet and exceed regulatory requirements. The Milli-Q system for ultrapure lab water production feeds directly from tap water. It is fitted with - RFID-labeled - pretreatment packs and customized final filters. The packs provide activated carbon and a prefilter that remove bacteria and halt their proliferation right from the start of sanitization process. The pack’s anti-scaling compounds prevent build-up of obstructions in the system's water flow.

Customized final filters are available to match different lab applications, like molecular-biology experiments and cell culture. Since TackSmart’s patented intelligent filter technology was first implemented, securing norm compliance became a lot easier for lab-members.

Advantages smart filter

RFID tags are attached to the pretreatment packs and final filters to detect incorrect pack installation or pack exhaustion. In addition, system and filter perform a cross-check to ensure the final filter matches the configured application. In case of an error a buzzer may go off and/or a mismatch warning shows on both system display and dispenser screen.

The interactive technology significantly enhances user-friendliness and minimizes the risk of human errors in lab test procedures. With TackSmart's technology applied, Merck Millipore can provide laboratories with water purification systems that actively cooperate through, e.g.:

  • Filter detection, a visual or acoustic indication to confirm that pretreatment packs and/or final filters are correctly placed
  • Filter lifetime indication, a graphic display of remaining filtering capacity and 30 to 15 days’ notice to replace the filter
  • Filter traceability, catalogue and serial numbers of filter consumables are automatically registered in the system’s memory upon insertion