Tap water contains a variety of substances that influence water purity, taste and odor. Depending on the location and the source of the water supply, drinking water may also hold health-effect contaminants. Apart from traces of disinfectants such as chlorine or chloramine, even residues of VOC’s, asbestos, lead or mercury may be present in a regular glass of tap water. In hard water areas, scale can build up in home water infrastructure.

Smart filter licenses available

To be on the safe side as to consumption, bottled water is a much chosen alternative. A more convenient solution may be to install a water treatment system such as compact under-sink apparatus. They can tackle unwanted contents in home water at the source, through one or multiple filters and/or UV-technology. TackSmart still has smart filter technology licenses available for manufacturers of water purifiers for home use.

Advantages smart filter

Activated carbon is used extensively in water filtration. Over-used filters are ineffective and can become a source of bacterial contamination. Timely replacement is a must. Maintenance of home water purifiers can be made a lot easier for the owner by implementing interactive read-write labels like RFID. In addition, the smart technology presents potential efficiency wins for manufacturers as well. In summary, options of TackSmart’s patented smart filter technology in home water purifiers include, e.g.:

  • Filter lifetime indication, displaying how much life is left in the filter and when it’s due for replacement
  • Filter compatibility warnings, indicating if the right filter type is used
  • Filter cartridge installation, showing if the filter is inserted correctly; certainly when multiple filters are used it’s important to be sure about which filter goes where and to be warned in case of a mismatch
  • Filter identification, storing filter data that the cartridge and/or filtering appliance manufacturer consider relevant, such as cartridge batch number, production and expiry date; especially in warranty or liability cases this may be crucial information