Cees Knijn

Cees’s heart lies with technique in general and product innovation in specific. His inquisitive attitude and questioning nature empower him to develop innovative technology concepts and products. His creativity enables him to translate TackSmart’s filter technology into valuable applications.

Cees was born in the Netherlands. As a fresh graduate in Mechanical Engineering he first started with a company in agricultural machinery and later worked for an engineering agency. In 1984 he moved to air cleaner manufacturer Euromate and soon developed from leading R&D projects to managing the R&D department. Cees backed-up his growth ambition with several specialist studies. He was subsequently invited to become Euromate’s interim Operations Manager and later became Technical Manager. Over the years he led a number of affiliated departments including Production, Procurement and Product Management.

In 2001 he became Euromate’s Technical Director and in 2006 COO of its parent company, Clean Air Group BV. Until recently, Cees was one of Plymovent Group B.V.'s shareholders and CTO, which included responsibility for the Group’s intellectual property.

Cees co-owns Tack Smart Filter Technology BV and is CTO. In this capacity he researches application possibilities and supports the licensing process with his expertise.